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Donations & Volunteers
It takes a varied amount of resources to maintain and support the ongoing battle against the power lines, all volunteer efforts and donations are appreciated.  We have submitted an application to become a non-profit and hope to add a on-line mechanism for donations on this site in the near future. We  know that our community is filled with many talented  and caring individuals, we could use the help of anyone willing to make a difference.  Donations made to HFTHs goes towards many efforts in bringing awareness to this important community issue. We are a all volunteer organization. Click here to see a breakdown of our expenses.
Contact Us
We have submitted our application for Non-profit status and have opened an account under the Hope for the Hills name. We are currently accepting donations by mail. Please print the Hope for the Hills Donation Form and submit this form with your check made payable to "Hope for the Hills " to: 
* We are establishing Hope for the Hills as a non-profit corporation in order to collect funds to cover expenses related to professional services (legal and technical), as well as other costs and expenses associated with the pursuit of our cause. Upon receipt of your donation, we will supply you with a receipt by e-mail.  It is our understanding that if our application is approved by the IRS, any donations made as of TODAY’S DATE will be tax deductible. However, we are not tax experts and we encourage you to consult with your tax advisor regarding these issues. We can not guarantee any specific outcome of our efforts.

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Hope for the Hills 
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