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Overview of City of Chino Hills Proposed Alternatives  
The City of Chino Hills has proposed various alternate routes that move the transmission lines away from residential communities, parks, and schools. Read details

Under the various alternative routes proposed by the City of Chino Hills, the transmission lines would be routed through portions of Chino Hills State Park. At first glance, the State Park may not seem to be a preferred location. Take another look – the win-win proposal offers many benefits that State Park users may enjoy for years to come. A number of active transmission lines already traverse Chino Hills State Park. The various alternate routes would:

  • Remove approximately 14 miles of active and inactive transmission lines from the park.  
  • Remove approximately 1.5 miles of active 500 kV transmission lines and 8 towers, from the environmentally sensitive Water Canyon Natural Preserve.  
  • Relocate many of the existing 500 kV transmission lines away from ridgelines and other prominent areas to protect and improve the view shed within the park.  
Mitigation Plan
Project Development Team

The City of Chino Hills’ proposed alternate routes were developed with the assistance of a team of City-retained consultants who have expertise in working on power-related projects and with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). One member of the project team was involved in the original design of the TRTP.

Routes are Deemed Technically Viable by Southern California Edison

The City of Chino Hills has been working with SCE to carefully study the proposed alternatives. SCE’s preliminary analysis of the routes has indicated that the City of Chino Hills’ alternative routes are technically viable.

Proposed Alternative Route A
Proposed Alternative Route B
REVISED Proposed Alternative Route C (4CM)
REVISED Proposed Alternative Route D

Letter from Claire Schlotterbeck, Pres. of Hills for Everyone (founders of Chino Hills state park) Detailing strong environmentalist support for state park route.  Read letter