Hope For The Hills
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Hope for the Hills pres. meets Sen. Bob Huff
HFTH Hill Meet with US Congressman Gary Miller
HFTH Board members talk to US Congressman Ed Royce
Calwatchdog.com reporter, Katy Grimes, visits Chino hills
Father Mike, from St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church and Bob Goodwin -Pres. HFTH
(left) Vice Mayor of Chino Hills -Peter Rogers (right) Mayor of Chino Hills - Art Bennett
US Congressman Ed Royce, Chino Hills City Mayor Art Bennett, HFTH pres. Bob Goodwin
State assemblymembers Curt Hagman (R) and Steven Bradford (D)
HFTH bus brigade lands in San Juan Capistrano for meeting on San Onofre Nuclear power plant
Bob Goodwin reminding SCE executives that HFTH is not going away
Bob Goodwin gives tour of the towers to Congressman Ed Royce and Joe Como an official from the DRA (Division of Ratepayer Advocates)
Protest at SCE Shareholders meeting 2013
SCE Shareholders meeting 2013
KFI's Shannon Farren interviews HFTH's President, Bob Goodwin.
Watch the live video archive of July 11th CPUC voting meeting. 
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Together We Made a Difference
CPUC approves under-grounding of Tehachapi transmission line through city of Chino Hills
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Chino Hills wins battle against So Cal Edison
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CPUC President Michael Peevey validates underground high-voltage lines
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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
                                                                       -Margaret Mead US anthropologist & popularizer of anthropology (1901 - 1978)                                                                                                       
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PUC president celebrates undergrounding in 
Chino Hills 9-6-13
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As a community, this long hard-fought battle has reached a historical milestone, we are very proud of each and everyone of those who, in the face of unbelievable odds, stayed committed and passionate about protecting their families and community.  
For information concerning TRTP
Tower removal & construction
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EMF Comparison chart showing the differences, under-grounding vs overhead.
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The victory in Chino Hills, CA proved the importance of how a united and committed community made all the difference. We know there are many other communities battling similar battles and we encourage everyone involved not to give up. Below are a few examples of ongoing powerline battles:  
Opposition to Susquehanna Roseland Powerline Project
Clinton, NY 
Save Josie's Home.
Josie is a 14 year old with Autism. Eirgrid is proposing an overhead buzzing 400kv cable on pylons which could run 50 meters from her home.
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